The information architecture, writting standards and technical infrastructure required forces us to have a bit of a protocol in place so we can produce as if it was the hand of one single person.

Configuring your machine

First of all, in order to collaborate you are going to need a few tools, most notably Git, Git-LFS and Hugo but also some infrastructure tools for your computer like Brew.

Authoring workflow

The general workflow is to keep updating git repository stored at github using the fork/pull mechanism.

This means that you fork the repository, write all you want, modify all you want and then do a pull request so your updates can be monitored and incorporated on the main repository.

Writting with markdown instead of html

Hugo, the underlying static website cretoion technology utilised in by Houdini Guides relies on BlackFriday markdown processor so it is important you get familiar with it by reading Peter’s blog markdown reference

Writting style guide

How we speak is critical to communicate effectively, therefore we are going to revisit how to write by approaching the voice, tone and style, hopefully we can produce a coherent book that everyone can enjoy.

Screen Recording standards

Given the space requirements for videos, the suggested approach is to upload them to your Vimeo account and link your article videos to those. I don’t want to impose extra burden on you so I will offer to host those videos on my own account later on and will ask you to send me the master video and I will take care of the rest.