A bit of history

During 2008 Autodesk bought their arch-rivals, Softimage and included in their already crowded product line, all of us Softimage users started to notice massive changes during that period tailing off in the product development which ultimately ended up in Autodesk killing Softimage product 2014 and our lives were forced to transition to other products.

I saw the writing on the all the moment Autodesk bought Softimage so I did transition first and all my learnings became invaluable once Autodesk killed Softimage which prompt me to write a free book called “Houdini to Softimage transition guides” that was distributed freely thanks to the nice folks at Side Effects.


The intention is to create the kind of guides we users want to pass to our friends coming to Houdini, a guide the allows them to get a quick global view of the software and a good understanding of the phylosophy and common practices.

For this reason a bunch of us are putting some of our spare time to build these docs.